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About Katy

Katy Rossell was raised in the small town of Cabot and moved to nearby Lyndonville. She comes from a background as a Realtor® starting in 2018 and has been in the industry as a rental property owner and rental manager since 2015. She brings many skills to bear when working with her real estate clients including compassion, effective and quick communication, and the ability to problem solve.

Katy Rossell attended the University of Vermont and earned a social work degree with a minor in sociology. She later attained her Masters Degree in Education from Northern Vermont University; Johnson. Her skills in social work and education give her a unique insight into how to serve people.

Katy Rossell entered the Real Estate world while following her own passion for buying, owning, and renting multi family buildings. She enjoys meeting new people and helping them accomplish their own real estate related goals which include homeownership, the sale of a family home, sale of a business, and of course rental property endeavors.  

Katy Rossell is a proud mother of two spunky, energetic daughter's and enjoys telling the story of her oldest daughter's birth where she and her significant other delivered their daughter prior to the midwife arriving. Katy spends her free time gardening, foraging for mushrooms, and listening to books via audio

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